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CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a support system between farmers and eaters. CSA members invest in a seasons worth of produce at the beginning of the year and the farmers get much needed capital early in the season to operate the farm (purchasing seeds, equipment, soil ammendments, etc.). We encourage members to view this as a partnership. When times are good, we share the bounty--and when they aren't--well, we do the best we can to get you the food you need. Every year there are successes and failures and as a CSA member, you are joining us for the ride. 

We operate our CSA program in partnership with Spradley Farms. Together we provide over 50 varieties of vegetables, herbs, fruit, pasture raised eggs, broiler chicken, beef, and honey. 



  • Freshness - It doesn't get fresher than this, folks. We harvest and pack our CSA shares on Thursday and you pick them up Friday. 
  • Health - Fresh organic produce is cornerstone to any good diet. We don't spray any of our crops and we try to grow varieties that are higher in phytomutrients than standard varieties.
  • Community - This is the big one for us and we are continuously trying to improve the farmer eater interactions. We host on farm meals, on farm box pickups, and send a weekly email. 
  • Value - By buying in early in the season -- accepting certain risk, we want to reward you for your support. Each box has an approximate value of $30 and we try to exceed that every week.
  • Seasonality - CSA is a great way to work with the seasons. From the flush of fresh spring greens after a long winter that weave into a bounty of beans and tomatoes in the summer, and the sweet crisp roots and greens that take us through the winter--there is an excitement to each season and we all work to keep each season exciting with new recipes.