Our Story


Two Roots Farm is the result of a shared farming passion between Harper Kaufman and Christian La Bar. Since we began in 2015, Two Roots has worked to provide the best possible food too our community in the Roaring Fork Valley. Our farming methods work in conjunction with nature, using techniques such as minimum tillage, integrated pest management, cover cropping, composting, pollinator habitats, bio-diverse plantings, etc… By mimicking nature, we are able to grow without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or GMOS. The results are incredibly nutritious, safe, and delicious food.

We began farming together in 2013 as interns through the University of Montana PEAS Farm, where we saw first hand the connection between conscious food production and the health of our community. We continued to work on farms for the next few years (Ocean Air Farms and Rock Bottom Ranch). As we honed our skills in organic vegetable production, we decided it was our life mission to help build a vibrant and lasting local food movement.

We have now been farming together for over five years, and have found a true calling in the work. We are very grateful to farm in the Roaring Fork Valley where the community supports local food, thoughtful production, and small scale agriculture.  Please join us in our efforts to change the way we eat— reconnect with the folks and the soil that grow your food.

We would love to be your farmers!

About your farmers

Harper kale.jpg

Farmer Harper

Harper was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, and she is grateful to call them home. Her time spent in Oregon, Montana, and California resulted in a passion for sustainable agriculture and small scale farming. When the opportunity arose, she jumped at the chance to live out her farming dreams in her home state. Christian and Harper were hired as agriculture managers for ACES at Rock Bottom Ranch where they saw the need for local vegetable farms in the Roaring Fork Valley. A few years later, through partnerships, support from the community, and a good deal of sweat, Two Roots Farm has become a successful reality.


Farmer Christian

Its been a windy road coming from his suburban Chicago upbringing to a Colorado market farm. Christian has been Harper's partner in crime since they met at Lewis & Clark College in 2009. After moving to Montana to finish up his degree in Environmental Studies, Christian moved to Northern California to work the first full farm season. He's been in love ever since. Oh, and the farming was pretty good too.

We cant forget to mention our director of relaxation and rodent control, Mr. Snoopy. If you're lucky enough to know him, you're lucky enough.