We began farming because we love to eat. We love to cook, we love to dine with family and friends over a good meal--we love everything about a good meal. As we all know, a good meal begins with the freshest, high quality ingredients. Every crop we grow is something that we want to use in our personal kitchen. While some vegetables and varieties are stranger than others, we love to embrace the seasonal change on our plates--we hope to pass the excitement on to you. 


We are thrilled to currently grow about 30 different vegetables and herbs on our farm. That's a challenging feat at 7,000', but we love the challenge--and will continue to push the envelope of what is possible in our climate.  We choose to focus on crops that grow well in our climate--root vegetables and leafy greens. Though we don't have the longest season for growing crops like sweet potatoes and melons, we do have the ability to grow high quality greens throughout the heat of the summer (unlike most of the country) because our days and nights are much cooler. Many of our warm season crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers) are grown under the protection of hoop houses for added warmth and weather protection. We are working with many heirloom varieties from Siberia and Russia to grow these crops outside as well. 

What we Grow and what is in Season