Why CSA?

Part of the choice to join a CSA is an active decision about what you value and the community you want to live in. The CSA is not just a chance to get a weekly bounty of super fresh produce, but to reconnect with your food and the people who grow it. By joining our CSA you support our farm’s mission to grow organic food without the use of chemicals while building healthy soil and providing a fair living for our farmers. You are also committing to feed yourself/your family the most nutritious and safest produce every week of the growing season.

Because our members commit upfront to eating Two Roots food for the season, our CSA members always come first on the farm. Our CSA will always get the freshest and tastiest we have to offer as well as CSA exclusive events, weekly emails and videos filled with updates and information about that week’s harvest.

Signing up for a CSA puts your dollars to work supporting:

  • Organic food production that builds soil and promotes biodiversity

  • Reducing the carbon footprint of your food chain

  • Helping your farmers earn a “living wage”

  • Developing tools and techniques for farming without the use of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, or GMOs.

  • Investing in your local food economy

  • A commitment to your personal health

We think you deserve to know what’s in your food and how it got to you. Eating locally and seasonally does not come with the same guarantees and comfort that the average grocery store can offer, but to us the rewards way outweigh any shortcomings.


is it right for me?

We are aware that joining our CSA program is not a good fit for everyone. You will need to be ready to cook meals, experiment with new vegetables, and form new habits. Our CSA members don’t join because they are searching for the cheapest organic produce or the most convenient option. We recommend you take time to consider if a CSA share works for you, and don’t worry if not! You can always find our produce at the Aspen Saturday Market or at Skips Market in Basalt.

What does a weekly CSA share look like?

The produce offered will change with the seasons, whatever is best and tastiest at the time. Each week will include around 8-12 items. Because we offer a good deal of choice at our pick ups, you are able to get the right amount of produce for your household size. The home delivery box will be enough produce for 3-5 people or 1-2 super veggie lovers. As a general guideline, we aim to include baby salad greens, herbs, cooking greens, root vegetables, a fresh snack item (peas, carrots, peppers etc), an allium (onion, garlic, scallions etc), and something unique in every share.


We encourage members to view this as a partnership. When times are good, we share the bounty--and when they aren't--well, we do the best we can to get you the food you need. Every year there are successes and failures and as a CSA member, you are joining us for the ride. 

If you are ready to make the CSA part of your life, we are so excited to have you! We would love to be your farmers!


We want to make our CSA accessible to as many people as possible, but we understand not everyone can afford to pay for a full share. If you would like to be part of the CSA but need sponsorship, please reach out to us ( and we will try to find a creative solution.